Diamonds are one of the most popular component in ornaments all over the world. They are used in all types of ornaments from wedding rings to pendants and necklaces. They are an allotrope of carbon with strong covalent bonding between atoms. The covalent bonding makes diamonds the hardest of all bulk materials. Due to its hardness, it is also used in cutting and polishing industries. Natural diamonds are mostly colorless and are either transparent or partially transparent once cut and polished. Diamonds were first discovered in India more than 3,000 years ago. Ever since its discovery, India was the primary and largest producer of diamonds till the mid-18th century. However, various diamond mines all of the world have been discovered since then including those in South Africa, Central Africa, Canada, Russia, Brazil and Australia. In the present date, almost half of the total diamonds in the world originate from Central and Southern Africa.
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